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Want to know more about Mexican dishes? Read our descriptions.

Speedy Gonzalez #1

One taco, one enchilada, and fried beans

Special Lunch #2

Chile relleno, one ground beef taco served with beans and guacamole salad

Special Lunch #3

One beef burrito, rice, and beans

Special Lunch #4

Burrito, taco, and rice

Special Lunch #5

Chile relleno, rice, and beans

Special Lunch #6

One enchilada, rice, and beans

Special Lunch #7

Chimichanga (fried or soft), rice, and beans

Special Lunch #8

Chalupa, rice, and beans

Special Lunch #9

Tamale, rice, and beans

Special Lunch #10

Chicken quesadilla with salad

Special Lunch #11

Two deep fried taquitos, 1 beef, 1 chicken, rice, and salad

Special Lunch #12

One burrito and one enchilada

Special Lunch #13

Two quesadillas combined: one shredded beef and one with rice. Served with salad and sour cream

Taco Salad - Beef or Chicken

A crisp flour tortilla filled with ground beef or chicken, beans, lettuce, tomato, grated cheese, and sour cream

Huevos Rancheros

Ranch style eggs: two eggs with Mexican sauce on top, rice, beans; served with flour tortillas

Huevos Con Chorizo

2 eggs with original Mexican spiced sausage, rice, beans, and corn or flour tortillas

Mexican Burritos

One burrito with beef tip and cheese dip over it. Lettuce, tomotoes, our own red sauce, guacamole, sour cream, rice and beans

Burrito Supremo

Filled with grilled steak or chicken, beans, rice, and pico de gallo


Beef or Chicken with rice and beans

Fajita Salad (Beef or Chicken)

Beans, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream

Special Plaza

One chicken burrito, one cheese enchilada, with lettuce, sour cream, and tomato.



All combinations are served with rice & beans.

#1 - Taco & Enchilada

#2 - Chile Relleno & Taco

#3 - Tamale & Chile Relleno

#4 - Enchilada & Chile Relleno

#5 - Enchilada & Tamale

#6 - Tostada & Taco

#7 - Taco & Tamale

#8 - Chile Relleno & Tostada

#9 - Two Enchiladas

#10 - Two Chiles Relleno

#11 - Enchilada & Tostada

#12 - Two Tacos

#13 - Burrito & Taco

#14 - Flauta

#15 - Two Tamales

#16 - Burrito & Enchilada

#17 - Burrito & Tostada

#18 - Burrito & Quesadilla

#19 - Two Burritos

#20 - Quesadilla & Chile Relleno

#21 - One Burrito & One Chile Relleno